My brother Brad and I (Brenda) started blogging in early 2007. What started as one blog on the business of Domaining and Internet Advertising, ended up becoming 11 (as of 2/28/09) different blogs covering a wide range of topics.

We now have help from a group of 17 dedicated colleagues who inspire us on a daily basis. They are located all over the world and we correspond through email, chat and once a week a long distance conference call.

As far as designing the blogs and sites, I know what looks good and works well for navigating. But, I will admit I do get frustrated having to depend on our programmers to get the sites the way I imagined them to look. So I try to learn as much as I can on my own for myself. It's something like designing a new house or home addition and explaining your ideas to the Architect, they always tell you "it can't be done that way." I just Love to prove them wrong! :p

We hope to add to our ever growing online friendships and share our ideas and knowledge with everyone. Along the way we'll be sharing our ideas, blogging tips, contacts, links and fixes with anyone and everyone who one day finds they need it. So if you have a blog or site about blogging, ex; SEO (search engine optimization), IM (internet marketing), web design, script and code fixes, widgets, fonts, themes or anything related to developing blogs and websites, send it our way and we'll be sure to place a link to your site in the appropriate place.

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